Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sun + Rain + Ice + Mud = FUN???

This morning the sun was shining and the air was crisp and cool...another perfect fall day here on the edge of hell. By noon the beauty of the day was calling me to ride somewhere on the dirt. So I packed up Baloo in the Subi and made my way to Moscow Mountain for some inspirational single-track riding. The weather was forecast for rain today, but I bah-humbugged that thought and ingnored the clouds on the horizon as well as the rising winds. I made my way to the top and uncontrollably hit as much single-track as possible including exploration of some unridden trails I had noticed on previous rides. Let's just say that I was having way too much fun to notice that clouds had turned the sky an angry dark gray. What caught my attention was the ice pellets that were stinging my skin...Whoa...instant reality check...time to go down off the mountain now. I was grinning all the way down because there is nothing more thrilling than a fast, twisty single-track decent on wet trail with freezing cold rain soaking you, mud flying in your face, and ice pellets stinging your skin...

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