Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Mission of Obsession - In Search of Snow

The weather this week has been looking up in my opinion. Most people I know would not agree with my idea of good weather...snow and cold, which I find is best for my soul. So this past week the conditions locally have been right for a good dump of the white stuff and I've been plain giddy searching for it. I've had my binoculars out numerous times daily scanning the local mountain tops for a hint of new snow. I've even been out on a few scouting missions on the Fatback, but even though conditions were ideal for snow I could find nothing more than a few small patches.

I'm not one to give up easily so my search for snow became a mission of obsession. Then it happened...it snowed a small amount at my house overnight, so I was instantly out on my Fatback (in my PJ's no less) running my very excited dogs in the snowy pastures behind my house. Whoop Whoop!

Oh, but a little snow here meant much more snow up in the mountains...hmmm. I had to make a trip to Grangeville, ID to winterize my house there so the mighty Fatback Titan came along since there was bound to be more snow there being at a higher elevation and typically a zone of higher moisture than here. I was not dissappointed...my search for snow was over. After taking care of the house, I headed up Mt Idaho a few miles away...

I can not believe how much fun I have riding my Fatback in snow. I've tried to convince other people that this is the ultimate riding experience, yet I ride alone around here. I don't care since I also love the solitude of riding alone...it's very spiritual for me to be out alone in a quiet, beautiful environment, to decompress life stress, think without distractions, and pray without some government entity or anti-Christian telling me I can not.

The views from Mount Idaho were spectacular during a blustery day mixed with snow and sunshine. I rode up a trail climbing 2000-feet before I had to turn around due to the setting sun. I can not tell you how good I feel after riding the snow...I no longer yearn for cyclocross racing, my blues were cured this day and I can not wait to ride the snow again.


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