Thursday, October 31, 2013

Titan #3 - The Titan War Saga Continues

Another mighty Titan has materialized on my doorstep. As usual I am innocent and of course I deny any knowledge of how it got here, but I will admit that my association with such a fine bike will be strictly abusive to both me and the bike.

My initial 100-mile ride impression on gravel roads thus far has been nearly perfect (that means I have no real complaints and expect to have much more fun). Just let me say that I have put off racing this year for several reason that don't really include anything like I'm totally out of shape for racing cyclocross, the cost is rather high, and lack of confidence at this time. However this bike seems to have reversed those dark feelings of gloom and doom. I kind of want to train and race everytime I look at and ride this bike...hmmm!!!

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