Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Fun...

Hmmm...been busy with nearly every thing lately...

Ringing Rocks outside of Pipestone, MT (a must go to place - it's awesome):

Exploring in the Subaru:

Explorin' too far into the woods:

Gold panning with the kids and in-laws (outlaws):

Firewood cutting for the upcoming winter's warmth:

And enjoying nature while riding my bikes when ever I can:

I ride my bikes as much as possible, but not nearly as much as I'd like since I now have other priorities (they're called kids). I'm not getting fat, but I have lost much of my bike endurance and power, so now is the time for nearly anyone to kick my butt on a bike (and I will not even care). I'm sure I will gain back my fitness, however I am not really worried about it too much since I have so much fun just exploring and riding for fun at this time (racing is on the back burner for now).

I hope your summer is as good as mine!

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