Friday, May 10, 2013

Gravel Grinding

Due to local global warming I was forced to abandon snow riding because there is no more snow to speak of - it all melted. Rats! So I've geared up for the next best thing - gravel grinding on the local back roads.

My favorite riding in warm weather is exploring the endless local forest roads on a bike. I seem to find an inner peace up on the mountain amongst all the trees and flowers...well for the most part, there is always someone around riding a motorized thing that shreds my flowery little bubble. The motorheads are typically quite nice though and I enjoy talking to them.

Right now the forest is turning rather crispy since we seem to have instantly gone from a dry spring into sweltering hot temps in the last few weeks. At my house we have not had moisture since the end of February and my fields are looking like the end of July right now - not good.

The mountains are about the same, snow is essentially gone (I'm riding stuff that is usually snow bound until mid or late June on a normal year), the roads are dusty, and the forest floor it getting rather crisp. Hopefully we'll get some substantial moisture soon or it could be a banner fire season.

My Volagi has become an awesome gravel grinder bike, I'm quite impressed with the ride comfort to say the least. I'm still playing with position and components to make it fit me and my goals for this bike. So far I've put nearly a thousand miles on it and love riding it each time. It's a keeper! (which is something you never hear me say about a bike)

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Travis said...

Are you still enjoying your Viaje? I was considering one but it is a hefty price tag for a steel frame. What do you think now?