Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No Fat Momentum Today

Today was an odd day weather-wise, kinda warm, kinda cold, dark ominous clouds, sun, and new snow.

Thankfully there was no wind to drift the snow any deeper. I had enough of a workout climbing 2500-ft today. Of course as I increased elevation the snow only got deeper as I would expect.

The hard part was that the base under the new snow was not its typical crusty self, which made tires sink a tad more, creating more resistance, thus making forward momentum much more difficult, making pedalling harder, making my legs works more than normal, giving me one heck of a workout over my short 14-mile ride today.

I was disappointed that I had to turn around but I was trudging (walking the bike more than riding) through knee-deep new snow. Just a few days ago this same area was like a super-highway, nicely packed by snowmobilers (love those guys). The snow looked like it was only going to get deeper up further, so after deciding to turn it around, I sat on the ridge overlooking Oregon and the Grande Ronde River Gorge, enjoyed this beauty all around while eating some snacks.

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Great photo's !