Monday, January 07, 2013

Found my Fatitude

I, like many other fatbike obsessionists, celebrated the New Year with a fatbike ride...well shamefully I did a week-long fat celebration of the new year on my 9:Zero:7 super-fatty (the Fatback is waiting its turn patiently).

It was a fun-filled week of daily attitude adjustment. Long ago I found that biking is my fix for a bad-i-tude, however I have little motivation to make riding happen in the dark days of winter. So evilness typically surrounds me in the winter months.

However, something is diffent this winter season. I am finding that instead of diving deep through my internal darknes to find the motivation to ride that I am actually planning rides in advance and I am psych'd about getting on the bike. Plus, when I'm not riding one of my fatbikes, I think obsessively of new fatbike upgrades, and planng more rides!

All this new unstoppable motivation is the result of (yes I'll say it again) Fatbikes!!! My baditude seems to have morphed into a fat-i-tude. Those super fat tires have made me unbelievably stoked about riding the snow in my local mountains - areas I've never been able to get to in the winter.

I even got up at 4AM one day just so I could pedal up a few thousand feet of elevation to see the sunrise on top of the mountain... first I was not sure I would see the sun that day since the fog was so thick riding up, but after about 2300 feet of climbing it finally broke open just in time for the sunrise... was an unbelievable exerience sitting up there watching the beauty of new day start...

....the early morning views were breathtaking that day...

Yeah it was cold and it was hard work getting there, but I can't wait to ride the fat on some snow again this week.

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ErikD said...

Nice photos! Looks like some great riding there.