Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Road-Bike Single Speed Rules

It seems that I have not been here for a while...well I've been busy to say the least. Cyclocross season is here and for some diabolical reason I love thrashing what is essentially a road-type bike on the dirt in a steeple-chase kind of race. Of course it's all the better in the mud-yuk that fall weather provides...more on this later.

For now it seems that the darkness of my ever growing single-speed mindset has masterminded another success. My Gunnar road bike has morphed into a SS...

I used a cool CNC'd eccentric bottom bracket made by Forward Components (basically it converts an awful geared bike into a SS by allowing 15mm of chain tension adjustment). I've used one of these bottom brackets with great success on my Gunnar cyclocross bike for some time now.

Before this bike was a SS I sadly had put only 230-miles on it since the beginning of the year. A week after its conversion to the dark side of SS I had more than doubled that mileage simply because the bike is so much more fun now. Let's see I now have 2-geared bikes and 5-single speeds...hmmm


Anonymous said...

1) Gunnar Think Pink bike
2) GF superfly
3) Gunnar road bike
4) Gunnar crosshairs
5) Old yellow road frame

Geared BIKES
1) LENZ 29er
2) Ellesworth

What happen to your GF ferrous?


Jason said...

Hello. My name is Jason. I have been doing research on building a single speed for my road bike frame and I came across you blog. I have the same wheelset by Bontrager you show in your photograph, only I have the Select version, not the Race version. I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me what fixed gear hub you are using on the rear wheel and any information that will lead me in the right direction. Please rely. My email address is