Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hitting the Reset Button

I've been trying to re-boot myself and change up my riding from super endurance to short-fast-done-before-I'm-warmed-up-events, like cyclocross. I'm not sure why the insanity of cyclocross stirs my soul...I mean I've never been good at short events and cyclocross events are an hour or less of pure muscle-burning torture, plus running which we all know I think is stupid and to top that I've never done well at cyclocross events (typically mid-pack finisher, never been lapped though). There's just something diabolical about this whole picture for me...

Hmm...odd?! Although it's a bit too late for me to really change up my riding focus, I'm doing it anyway in hopes that I can finish in the top 10 this year...if I don't I'm going to die having fun with it.

The bike of choice is once again is my slighly heavy, ultra-smooth, steel-is-real, Gunnar Crosshairs (aka: The Black Pearl) that has been set up single speed (of course). Right now it's sporting some nearly bald 38c heavier-than-your-sins gravel grider tires and water bottle cages...on race days it will loose the cages and I'm fairly certain it will be sporting some speedo-like wheels.

Ramming speed!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It cannot be that heavy...... 18lbs tops!!!
Plus the race like wheel are pretty good.
Anyway good luck with the change in riding/training patterns.