Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Who's in My Domain?

Out on one of my standard wandering, indecisive, rides up in "my domain" I find someone has invaded my territory...Doug Goodenough was up here somewhere...I could smell him (yeah right, like my nose is that good, but his truck is beyond obvious)...

Instantly I was more decisive on the fork in the road I needed to take for toady's ride. I pedalled up South Fork Asotin Creek following bike tracks that were not mine (a rare thing to see on one of my rides up here), I was curious to say the least. I made a few irresistible stops to admire some of the scenery (aka flowers)...

Up on top (above the 5000-ft elevation level) I decided that I was not going to catch them anytime soon, plus there was an obvious rain cloud preparing to make a direct dump on the area I was I decided to bail since I did not have any rain gear (what can I say, the day started out looking rain-free). The downhill was ultra fast and I was not using much brake since I was trying to outrun the rain that was coming fast. At the fork in the road near where Doug's truck was parked I hung out beneath a pine tree to stay dry as a mild downpoor proceded to soak the area. I spent about 30-minutes there napping and eating (like any good cyclist would do). Remarkably Doug showed up with Bill Arnold (both were slightly wet) and smiling after having such a great ride (see there story and pic here--> Click).

I finished the day with 70+ miles of mountain bike fun, a smile, plus I didn't get wet and I got a nap in...can it get any better than that?


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Hey sorry to ride in your area without permission...hehe. I think you will be smelling me more and more up there.....quite the bicycle playground for sure. Yea, I did not see that rain coming either. Mud on my new bike.....nooooooooo! LOL!


Lagniappe said...

I am a flower photo-aholic and LOVE the pictures on your blog.
It's nice to find another cyclist who takes time to look AND take pictures.