Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Adventures on the Ellsworth 650B/26

I have a good habit of choosing my Ellsworth 650B/26 (that means I run a 650B wheel up front and a standard 26" wheel in back) for day-cruises in search of adventure, speed, and fun. This is one bike I've absolutely no desire to get rid of anytime soon, which is rare for me...those who know me well enough are shocked I'm sure since I have a bad habit of owning and riding a new bike for a short time (typically less than a year) then selling it for some other bike I'm lusting after. Since I built up the Ellsworth (aka the Black Pearl) in October 2007 I have had no desire to get rid of it, in fact I think I'm finally done with the crazed need to buy-and-ride-every-bike-ever-made (yes, I am shocked myself so close your mouth and wipe that stunned look off your face). I can't help it - I just love riding this bike and it feels new to me every time I get on it.

Spring weather has been rather bipolar this year, but the rides in the back-country are good as ever right now (up to the snowline that is). The field flowers, which always make me happy, are out in force as are other spring things - like Steve Largent repellent, a.k.a. snakes.

Get out and ride!


The Seanman said...


You ride too much, you should take it easy so that you don't hurt yourself. Besides how am I going to keep up with you?

Eric Kop-ski said...

I've cut back - so you should be able to kick my butt quite easily at any time now. Just let me know when you're ready for a mtb ride.

Anonymous said...

I am selling the ferrous (26in) frame... Make me an offer!

Eric Kop-ski said...

Sorry Felix, I'm happy with the bikes I have...especially the Gunnar Think Pink (which is what I intended to do with your Fisher long ago, but at that time the Fisher was not reasonably available to my intent). I truly have no desires for another hardtail bike at this time.