Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Time...

Yes, it's time once again for some pure self torture on the mountain bike, time for the ultimate equipment thrash test, time for a body endurance checkup, time for psychological self examination, time for a sore bottom....time once again for my annual 24-hr race.

I've even been growing my hair out to fit in with the theme this year and I'm sure you will find me in some hippy-looking casual clothing at the event (which is actually my preferred everyday clothing).

This will be my 4th ride at this event as a solo rider (I have several team entries prior to that). Every year when I finish I say I am never doing that again, but it seems that time make me forget the torture this event provides since I continue to sign up for it annually and I get giddy with anticipation to start riding the race. I have butterflies now and the event is still 3-days away. Plus, amazingly, I already have plans to do it next year solo on a single-speed. Yes, I'm insane.

This year the Ellsworth 650B/26 will once again be my primary ride and the fully rigid Gunnar Think Pink 650B/26 will be the back-up ride (either bike will be fun). My training this year is truly in the toilet for a long endurance event like this, so I'm just going to punt and do the best I can.


monk3y mike said...

Good luck Eric!

The Seanman said...

Dude, when are you going to do your write up about this ride?