Saturday, July 05, 2008

Exploring Single Track

My rides exploring at higher elevations continue as I try to escape the 100+ temps here in the valley. The temps are bad enough that I have actually driven (gasp!!! yes, I know it's so not me to drive the 20 miles up the inferno like canyons here) to the lower reaches of my favorite riding areas. I've been exploring a few of the many trails I have long ago (last year or more) marked on my GPS as "need to follow"...trails that don't exist on any map except the one in my brain and a few on my GPS.

So far all the trails have paid high in the fun-factor and huge smiles. On the "down-side" each new trail has presented additional need to explore more trails discovered along the way (oh darn). I stuggle with to stay focused on exploring one trail to its end when there are so many new, highly tempting adventures to be followed along the way. I am finding a huge network of trails and old (very old) narrow roads...which are essentially single-track trails now. Many of the trails are prime single-track (very rare around here) that are amazingly fun to ride. The trail makers are those amazingly stupid cows that have long been summer pastured in the area. They actually make some of the sweetest single-track trails.

I've had some some crazy thoughts that I can map some of these trails out and interconnect them for a long single-track ride...hmm imagine a long ride on real trails around here...a paradox to say the least. I may share my mapped out trail network with other people (if I get it done)...maybe I won't take the time to map them at all...maybe these trails will never be known to is a small peak at one of the trails...oohhh yeah, the WOW factor is huge here!

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