Friday, January 25, 2008

Spinning and Then Some

While many avid, dedicated cyclist are spinning their buns off indoors (huh...where it's a bit warmer), I just can't bring myself to do such a torturous thing...for me spinning on a trainer is beyond yuk and boring after the first 5-minutes. For those of you that can spin indoors, you have my respect. I would rather do my spinning in the cold where I sometimes freeze my buns off. As long as I can keep my feet warm I will stay out for hours enjoying wintery environment few dare to brave on two wheels.

My road rides have been on the rather old Motobecane I have set up as a single-speed (it is the only road bike I currently own). I call this bike the Super-Bee just because it looks like a bumble bee. It's has gone through some minor modifications in recent a new crank (one that's not bent helps just a tad in spinning), some On-One Midge bars, new wheels (actually some used wheels I had laying around)...the bike feels like a hot rod compared to the original version. I'm happy spinning it almost anywhere except the steepest hills and it's a great commuter for me. Today was just another awesome spinning day on this bike down the Snake River (with some real wind for resistance just to keep me honest).

Off-road and snowy-day rides have been on my Ellsworth mostly (the more I ride this bike the more I like it), but I still spend some quality time on the Gary Fisher Ferrous 29er single-speed (another bike I really like).

Spent a bit of time in Montana recently also. We found some deep snow up on top of Lolo Pass along the MT-ID border...of course I had to go and play in it before driving some more....

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