Monday, November 20, 2006

SuperCal #2

It seems that I just could not help myself (again). Apparently a new full-suspension Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er with my name on it mysteriously found it's way to B&L Bicycles. B&L's secret agent out in the bike aquisition underworld had some idea that I needed one of these things sooner than later and ***Poof!*** there is was.

I already have a Supercal 29er - the original model Fisher introduced as a 29er in 2002, but it is a hardtail. Full-suspension (like the new Supercal model) is a butt's dream and let me say that my butt certainly likes having good dreams...having both front and rear suspension on rough trails or on back-road rides greater than 60 miles is a great way to keep a smile on your face and the angry soreness away from a soft butt.

I put the new bike through to its first test on the Asotin Creek Trail (some sweet single-track with plenty of "bump" to test the suspension). The ride up on the road to the trail I intentionally hit every bump and wash-board to get a feel for the suspension's ability. Impressive is all I can say...I was not expecting such a plush ride on a bike designed primarily for cross-country racing. Up on the trail it's only disability was me - the bike was a top performer on everything from rock-gardens with 4-6 inch rocks to flying over studder bumps. It railed though corners without drifting or loosing any ground - which means the suspension did it's job of keeping the tires planted on the ground. I have been on FS bikes that had inherent drift in corners due to suspension abnormalities that would allow the tires to "soften" their bite in a corner.

The final thought after the first ride is nothing less than smoooth.

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monk3y mike wellborn said...

Nice! I just picked up a Leviathan myself off of eBay. I'm ready to return to suspension and gears every now and again. Been running rigid and loving it since Spokane last May.