Monday, November 27, 2006


The weather, to say the least, has been rather disturbed over the last week. Today (a Monday for all you working people) started out sunny and beautiful. So the SeanMan and I arranged a ride to take advantage of the situation outside however the weather tried to take advantage of us it seems. We started on a ride to Cloverland and beyond with both of us riding Fisher 29er Supercals, but of different vintage. The wind picked up just before we started (of course it was a headwind as we were going up hill) and later snow squalls rolled though all around. The wind was kind of cool (that means it had some bite), but we pushed on eventually crossing into winter above the snow line.

At the high point of our ride a crowd of elk (yeah I know most people would call it a herd of elk) greeted us. Even with the snow and wind the views were totally worth the ride up.

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Paddy Humenny said...

man, keep posting pics of the scenery, they're the extra motivation to get the hell off this flood plain!