Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sprints and more

I did another bad thing by going to B&L Bicycles to look at (drool all over) everything. Well some how a new set of carbon cranks just jumped onto my new Trek Pilot......oh they are so soft and smooth. I just can't seem to understand how things like that happen everytime I go there. I have a very bad bike addiction I know and B&L is helping me with it-thanks guys!

I have been trying to ride on good days so I am sneaking in a few nice rides between school work. Since it's spring I decided to restart one of my favorite kind of rides...I call them sprint rides (the SeanMan remembers these I'm sure). In short it is a fast paced ride that focuses only on speed or getting there as fast as I can (mileage is for weenies, time is everything). Of course wind can make a sprint ride into a force/power ride in a hurry. So on Friday, a spectacular day, I jumped on the Pilot for an 85-mile sprint to Wawawai, up to Pullman and back around to Clarkston. I call this ride the Steve Largent Trail of Tears ride because everytime he rides this route he snivels about how boring the incredibly scenic landscape along the Snake River canyon is. I arrived at the Wawawai grade (30 miles) in a smooth 1:12 (the winds were really swirling down along the Snake River - I got everything from headwinds, crosswinds and yes even some butt pushing breezes - not to be confused with the jet propulsion of a good fart). Heading up the long Wawawai grade is where my ride went from a sprint to a pure power workout and remained a power ride for 50 miles...yes I had a smokin headwind going up hill and nearly all the way home. I made a pitt stop a B&L Bicycles for water and found (no not more bike parts) a slice of the SeanMan's Pizza waiting for me - Thanks SeanMan I really needed that. The ride was history after 4:30 in the saddle and yes the wind kicked my butt. The good news is that I was still feeling quite comfy on the new Pilot - truly a sweet riding machine. I wonder what a Madone would ride like?

Today I thought another sprint ride was in order to break in my newly rebuilt White Brothers fork... ...truly a sweet riding fork. The planned route today was climbing up Cloverland Grade--> Cloverland-->Campbell Grade down (1000' in 1-mile = steep!)-->down Asotin Creek and home. Overall it's an easy MTB cruise at just over 40-miles. Here's a pic from Cloverland Grade looking over into George Creek (another nice climb out of the valley)... My sprint was delayed a few times by some heavy winds on top, but other wise 40-miles passed with a ride time of 2:20 - not bad on a full knobby MTB, but nowhere near a record in my book. I wonder how fast I can do this on my single speed...hmmm...Anyone want to go with me and try?

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