Thursday, February 06, 2014


I asked for more snow and it seems I got it...I was starting to worry that my entire fatbike season was going to turn into nothing except winter gravel grinders. The progression of snow fall this week has left me with plenty of snow to play in and struggle through.

However, at this time the snow is super soft making forward momentum difficult and any riding up hill is a butt kicking workout. Who needs interval training on the road when you have soft snow, a fatbike, and a 1000-feet of hill climb to start your ride?

The mental toughness this kind of riding develops is amazing. I typically set a landmark goal to attain before I start leave home (without knowing the snow/trail conditions on the mountain). I have yet to not make a daily ride goal on the fatbike. But I must say that there have been days when I heard a wimper come from within and many days of self doubt about my crazy idea for the day of riding.

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