Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Fat Adventures Begin Again!

There has been a classic fall cooling trend here around the inland northwest, which has peaked my motivation meter to ride a bike again. Since it's been kind of rainy out there's not much in my mind that can be completed outside beyond bike riding...the chores around home can eternally wait for another day and the crisp morning temperatures have me itching to get the Fatbacks out for more Fat it began.

There is something to be said about riding in a misty on-off rain with temps in the 40's...most people would not find comfort or pleasure in this, but I'm different. The forest is once a again breathing a sight of relief from the season of fire potential. The roads and trails are dust free and the forest floor is no longer a volatile, crispy fire tender waiting for some idiot to light it up. The forest feels happy, the trees are waving, rain is gently pattering all around, everything is quiet except for the sound of a breeze through the pines.

I spent a few days climbing around the mountains in my back yard, never seeing another being, enjoying the peace and soul reviving solitude all around me. Yes, this is my mental therapy.

I put some serious miles on the Fatback which also entailed many thousands of feet of climbing and descending. I did not even notice that I am out of shape, the bike just kept going forward.

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