Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hard to Beat (It's all about the Fatness)

There are those days that just can not be beat...Those days where you're all alone in the backcountry overlooking unbelievably awesome views that you can not possibly share with anyone ever because a photo will never show what you saw and how you felt and no words can possibly describe the immense beauty you saw.

This past week I've been blessed some incredible events and views that were only possible by riding a fatbike into the snowy world beyond where a normal bike could possibly get me. I've experienced many jaw dropping views, I watched a wolf searching the mountain side for a few rodent morsels under the snow, I listened to my heart pound as I climbed quitely up a forest road of deep snow on a bike with super fat tires, I could hear no sound but the pound elk hooves at the herd I was in the middle ran past on their way to a new feeding area....yep it's hard to beat any of these.

It's too bad I am slow to get a camera out to document most of these times, but then again I've learned that wasting time trying to get a phote takes everything away from the moment I'm experiencing. I've learned to just live these moments and take pictures at times much less breath taking.

I love my fatbike! I love winter riding more than ever! It's now my way of getting fat during the winter!

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