Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow, Ice Pellets, Sun....Repeat

Snow, ice pellets, sun....repeat. That was about it for today's riding. I totally love riding on days like this. The initial plan was to attempt a ride to Anatone on the pave then circle back on the dirt roads on my cyclocross bike.

However about half way to Anatone the snow was coming down so heavy that I could hardly see the road. Hmmmm...So I stopped, laughed a little, waited (and waited and waited), watched a few cars crawl by (I'm sure they thought I was insane - that is if they even saw me standing there), then after a bit I decided that maybe this was the big one. Since the cyclocross bike I chose to ride today had rather worn tires (more like no tread) I thought it could be a good idea to start back. I got only about 3/4-mile when BAM, Sunshine!!!

Whoohoo!!! On the way back I ran into a few skin stinging ice pellet squalls and more snow and sun before landing safely at home where I sat outside gathering some solar-flare goodness for a good 30-minutes before the next snow squall landed.

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