Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lost Control (again)

It's happened again, just when I thought I was cured, I lost control...not one but two bikes showed up at my home within a few days of each other (I did not plan this, but that is the way it worked out). I'm so weak when it comes to either cool looking or rocket fast single-speed bikes...yeah I'm a sucker for fun.

The Trek Sawyer (aka USS Sawyer) is an ultra cool retro looking SS Battleship ready for anything...not light by any means, but ready for the long haul and it's all steel which we know is the best for smooth rides.

Then there is the Raleigh cyclocross single-speed (CXSS) carbon rocket...the only carbon CXSS bike made (that I know of). Raleigh made only 40 of these (so far). I must say that this lighter-than-air frame is a perfect addition to my recent addiction to CX. The ride so far is incredible...

Hmmm...what could possibly turn up next. Well, I'll try to maintain some control for a while longer (like a year or more I hope).

Dirt riding rules!!!


The Seanman said...

Yeah, right, you have about as much control as I do!

ray said...

u dawg!