Friday, May 28, 2010

Pretending to Train Just for Fun

I've been riding as usual (to you that means I've been playing on my bikes way more than a person should be allowed). I spend days off "pretending" to train for some up coming event, but in the end I find that I am easily distracted by nature's simple artwork along the way...

I still ride as hard as I can (almost exclusively on single speeds now) in effort to rebuild muscle back to where I was before last fall when an unexpected back injury caused my left leg to loose a huge amount of muscle mass. I still have a numb lower left leg about half the time and I am still missing an entire muscle in my upper left leg. I fear that the nerve damage at these two areas has been too great for complete recovery...I'm trying to be patient since it can take up to 2-years to regenerated some nerve tissues, but at this point I am seeing little to no improvements which gives me the doubts. However, I am moving forward and taking advantage of every other muscle fiber in my bum left leg to compensate my form back into some kind of competitiveness (I hope). In the end it does not matter since I am what I am (got spinach?), plus I'm happy with where I've come back to at this point.

This weekend I'm off to play with some friends from Sandpoint, ID in the Spokane 24-hr race...this year I'm on a so called "we're-just-riding-for-fun-and-not-racing-team" (we'll see if that is true). Either way, competitive or not, I'm looking forward to a great time with good friends. Next week I'm heading up north again for the Adventure Sports Week 8-hr mountain bike race. It was fun last year so I thought I would try it again, but this time on the single speed...hmmm


monk3y mike said...

Despite all the setbacks Eric, you still rocked some laps last weekend. Major props dude!

Eric Kop-ski said...

Thanks Mike! It was great to hammer the course on the SS without any need to save myself for later laps...I wish I had taken more time to chat with you and maybe tipped one - next time. Thinking about a SS solo in 2011.
Great seeing you again!!!