Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Are Your Bikes Feelin' the Love?

My bikes are feelin' the love...I can hardly believe that I've had 5-days off and been able to ride at least once each day - that means that some days I ride more than once - whoohoo!!!

I've been just about everywhere I can go without hitting solid ice...once upon a time I would run into snow, but it's very odd this year since I am running into slip-slide-fall-bust-your-butt-solid-ice. After my first encounter with this slick phenomena I learned quickly that it is best to turn it around and go back to where I just came from...walking on that stuff is treacherous, riding it was not possible without some seriously studded tires, which of course I was not about to just run home 40-miles and put on.

There's been a definite hint of spring in the air all week, which was confirmed by the siting of some wild flowers. I saw my first wild-flowers in Spokane on Sunday then notices some at lower elevations locally a day later (that I swear were not there previously). Flowers are one thing that can instantly put a stop to my insane need to pedal or get somewhere fast. One siting of a wild flower and everything in me just melts to a halt so I can drop the bike and get a closer look...

Then there's the bike-art that I am always finding along the way...a natural talent of mountain biking that is easy to attain (just ride), but rarely appreciated...

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