Monday, October 19, 2009

Rebuilding...Weaker, Slower, Happier

The rebuild has begun...of my weak, slow legs after being off the bike for about 2-months due to a rather large extruded disc in my left, lower back. The real damage is in my left leg which lost 3.5cm of muscle mass (circumference) from traumatic cramps and decreased nerve function (that resulted in decreased muscle tone then muscular atrophy).

All the science aside, the bottom line is that my right leg is huge compared to my left and that affects every pedal stroke on a bike not to mention walking and normal posture. I've been cautiously doing short rides on the bike after my doc thought it would be fine as long as I did not experience any pain or increase in other symptoms (like increased numbness in the left lower leg...I still have numbness there that comes and goes).

I do a pile of Egoscue exercise everyday (that my doc has me doing). The exercises have helped put my back into alignment so I can walk straight in the world and of course ride a bike a bit better.

So where am I at now on the bike? Ummm...well I have progressed from 5-miles of pure agony up to very slow 25-30 mile rides of painful smiles. The pain is good pain since it is coming from my ultra weak left leg screaming in agony from having to work so hard and once again pull its share of the load. The right leg is very happy about that too! All I know is that the I'm happy and smiling (inside) with every muscle-burning-painful pedal stroke.

Now's the time for anyone and everyone to come ride with me and ride me into the dirt (just as you've always dreamed of doing). Please, I beg you come ride with me so that you can shamelessly and effortlessly kick my A$$ on the dirt!


Doug Idaho said...

Hi Eric,

Glad you are back on the bike and feeling better. I am sure you will be back to kicking butt again soon.


monk3y mike said...

I remember being off the bike once for a couple of months due to bronchitis and the flu, and tons of snow and ice. Killed, made me fat(ter), and it was evil getting back on the bikes.

Hopefully the riding will equalize the muscle disparity by spring time. I remember that it really helped out my hips when I was having lower back issues.

Cheers man!

The Seanman said...


You can only where a Fisher shirt while riding a Fisher.


Anonymous said...

I am almost always up for a good ass kicking event.

where? when?

oh yea, I should mention that I seem to get pleasure when other suffer. (smile)


Ray in Denver said...


We'll have to take up your offer soon. As mentioned above, the opportunity won't last long.

Good to see you on the trail back.


Eric Kop-ski said...

Everyone: Time and place is still pending, for the first event (I'm sure you all will have the entire winter to kick my ass) maybe as soon as this Sunday if the weather holds...I will let you know soon.

Seanman...sorry about the clothing violation. Just so you know the gloves I had on were handyman specials and I was in no way doing handyman work that day plus I had on Trek socks. Do you think I could be incarcerated for these crimes of clothing unawareness.