Saturday, June 13, 2009

B-day Riding

I've been told by some of the locals that on your birthday you're supposed to double your age and ride that many miles...well I think that is a cool idea, but I have not accomplished such a ride this year. Instead for my birthday I rode the Think Pink SS for a nice long MTB ride up some 6700 feet over 71-miles just for fun. I loved every minute of it and enjoyed the wonderful scenery along the way.

The flowers once again provided some great uplifting sites...

At the high point of the ride I celebrated briefly then turned it towards home for the sweet, fast downhill ride.

I did stop once to check out this little guy...

Small, but powerful I'm sure (I did not provoke him to find out). Rattlers up in this area are quite small for some reason (this one has 6-rattles but was all of 13-inches - note the Ponderosa Pine needle beside it).

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