Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cyclic Traditions

Out with the old in with the new?'s amazing that one day every year creates such a fuss, not to mention the drunken traditions. New Years Day is just another day in the passing of time, which is truly only another mark on a cyclic chart to inform us of our relative age compared to others or mark an event that has passed. Age as we know it has nothing to do with eating habits, weight, physical health, smoking, drinking, lard ingestion, current state of mind, or stress, but it does seem to weigh heavily on some people's opinion of appearance and social status. We even have odd sayings about age - my favorite is "Act your age," which is hard to figure out since there is young, old, and the rather broad neither-world in between. To top that off there is no defining line to separate any of these. Personally I feel young so when someone says, "quit acting like a kid" or "act your age" I not sure why since I am acting my age according to me - young that is. Then again I find it rather insulting if someone labels me old, since I figure if and when I ever feel old then I will most likely have a shovel in-hand digging my grave.
From 20081231

Everything is cyclic...minutes, hours, days, years, life, and of course the two wheels I love to spin endlessly. So as we continue the circle of life together I hope your wheels remain flat free and you are young at heart in the coming cyclic event we have labeled 2009.


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Anonymous said...

Nice pic Eric.....were you up at the warming hut at fields springs last weekend? We saw a comment in the log book thought it might be you.