Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gunnar #2

It seems that my obsession to own-and-ride-every-bike-ever-made continues...meet Gunnar #2, a Crosshairs (that means it's a cyclocross bike that I intend to use as an all around ride).

Why #2? Because this is my 2nd Gunnar, my last one was a 29er mountain bike that a guy named Felix now owns.

This sweet steel frame arrived recently and of course I immediately built it up into a rideable condition. I ordered the frame with a Gunnar steel fork that Brice (owner of B&L Bicycles in Pullman, WA) talked this semi-weight weenie into because it provides "a better ride than carbon on the rough roads and other stuff" according to him. Well all I can say about the steel fork is WOW!!!...it provides a ride that beyond smooth, beyond belief...THANKS BRICE!!!

Even though I have extreme lustful bike desires for many bikes out there, I must admit that they have slowed to a near halt lately because of pure satisfaction with my current rides and this one is no exception.


Anonymous said...


You scumbag getting a Crosshairs before I am even able to order mine.


ERic said...

Sorry Ray, but I couldn't resist the color of the month offered by Gunnar (Sunset Red over Pearl Black)...very nice! The bike rides better than I ever expected so that means I'm happy! Get one soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Good color choice. I'm doing the ti to charcoal fade hoping to minimize the attraction to thieves and to hide the dirt since it will become my commuting bike. I might have an opportunity to order it next Wed.