Friday, November 09, 2007

Beyond Words - The Ooohhhh-Aaaahhh Ride

Well, I rode the Ooohhh-Aaahhh bike today on some sweet single-track and I must say that the Ellsworth Truth (25-lb. rough draft version) has a ride quality that is beyond words. I was in awe riding it over the last 2-days on trails in the Spokane area.

This bike provides the smoothest, butt-friendly ride ever...let's just say that I can recall very few (like one) full-sussy bike that was this smooth. In addition to smoothness the suspension is essentially BOB free and provides amazing traction up ulta-steep, super-grunt climbs. So it works perfectly - dare I say it works exactly as advertised (something of a rarity in these days of over-hyped advertising).

Now that I have gently broken in this bike (180-miles of thrash testing) I am itching to do ride comparison with a Fisher HiFi 29er...I'm just not sure how to do that without a Fisher HiFi...hmmm...anyone want to lend me a HiFi to use for some gentle, thrash testing?


doug_id said...

Hi Eric,

Well, keep me in mind if/when you decide to part with you steel gary fisher ;-)


TheSeanman said...

That might be a nice bike you have there but you don't own a 23 lb hardtail with 29 inch wheels that still has tubes in it, like someone else I know.

TheSeanman said...

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