Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Meanderings Through Fall Color

Yes, my posting freqency on this Blog is still lame, but I've been busy doing other things (like feeding my complusive habits of biking and bikes and...well what else is there). Anyway just thought I'd share some more fall biking adventure pics with you all - fall is by far the best time of the year to ride around here.

As the weather has cooled, more of my rides are on my ultra-cool Gary Fisher Ferrous steel-framed 29er that I run as a single-speed (Fisher designed it so that you can change it to run with traditional yuk-gears or as a sweet single-speed). Let's just say that it is by far the best riding hard-tailed bike I've ever owned - smooth is a good word for it. I just can not believe that more people around here are not riding this bike (there seems to be plenty at B&L Bicycles).

For me this bike is a keeper (a rare thing for those of you that really know me).

Even though I am totally loving my Fisher Ferrous SS, that doesn't mean that I have lost all my temptations...hmmm

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