Monday, August 27, 2007

Crisp Air Rides are Starting

Today was another awesome day with hints of fall in the morning air. Fall, with its crisp cool air, is my favorite time of the year around this country. I usually get excited about riding again after the hot days are cooled down with the change of seasons. Today I did a nice little ride up Weissenfels Ridge Rd. to the Anatone area and back on Meyers Ridge Rd...a ride that covers 58-miles, with 5000-ish feet of total climbing, and takes a bit over 4-hrs... although I think I could do it in less than 4-hrs if I pushed it some up the Weissenfels Ridge Grade (steep to say the least).

Anyway I was psyched to ride today and can only say it was all fun. The Gunnar proved once again to be a sweet ride - I am really liking the flexibility that the steel provides vs. the aluminium bikes I have been riding in these areas. And the really cool thing about the Gunnar it has the capability to mount a rack on the back...hmmmm I wonder where that idea will lead me?

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