Monday, June 11, 2007

Cape Horn Epic

Well it wasn't an epic by my "normal" standards (it was only 70 miles of riding), but it became one since I decided to explore a new route to the top (I usually take a rather steep gravel/dirt forest road up) and it only became epic because I had to friggin bush-whack through several areas of small trees growing in my trail (I guess I was in a forest). In the end, after bush-whacking my ass off, I think I found a potential second passage that will need exploring some more.

This trip was in real Cape Horn tradition - The real Cape Horn, at the tip of South America, was and still is an epic maritime adventure and the "original" passage of Cape Horn was part of an exploration for a new route to some highly sought after goods (at least that's what I recall). I wasn't after goods though - I actually don't know why I wanted to go there other than to find out why it was named Cape Horn.

After slogging through countless little pine groves and kicking out several elk and bears (really...I saw quite a few up there) I made it to an old burn that provided a huge open expanse...and a rather grassy old road (it was like an interstate highway to me). From there it was a rather easy ride to Cape Horn Ridge. The final climb up was very a steep rocky wall (rather fun to ride)...After I got there I still couldn't figure out why it was named Cape Horn...I was expecting some hellish ride to get there but it was stoopidly easy (if you took the forest road that is). There were some cool views and I lounged up there for a bit, enjoying the sun and snacking.

After that I was off to try and find and explore another trail I have outlined on an old map...after finding the trail and loosing it several times I decided I just did not have enough time to complete that task so I bailed off and raced down the mountain home.
Truly amazing what you see when you're looking. I see so many cool things out-and-about but I rarely take the time to dig out my I seemed to be in less of a hurry I in the image to see the real beauty...

Welcome to Cape Horn - Now go home!

Just over the immediate hill horizon it dropped off very steeply down to the ridge seen below...Fun!

Easterly view with Idaho (yawn) in the background...

Westerly view up Lick Creek (much more pleasing don't you think?)...

Can you see the trail? It runs straight through that fence...

Dang...2-blog postings in 2-days...what's wrong with me?

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