Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ferrous Spotted in the Wild!

Hmmm...What's a Ferrous? Well I was not too sure myself until a few days ago when I stopped at B&L Bicycles for some "stuff" I "needed" and there it was...a Gary Fisher Ferrous 29er mountain bike that just so happened to be my size and received by the shop that morning (odd how they always seem to have received my size the day I show up - hmmm...conspiracy?). Well I tried to leave several times without it, but somehow it jumped into my Subaru before I left. Odd how that happens to me...

Ferrous means iron containing material and the Fisher Ferrous is a steel (iron) framed bike -
This usually means a much nicer riding frame (due to steel's ability to flex). Aluminum on the other hand is ultra stiff frame material (i.e. hard on the old soft tissure in the neither region of the body). Another cool aspect about this frame is it's versatile design - it can be run with gears or easily converted to run as a single-speed (one gear). When I saw this bike on Fisher's Website a while back I thought - It's just another bike. Well it seems I had an opinion change after seeing it and riding it briefly down the sidewalk at the shop. It's one of those bikes that just "feels" like a well fitting glove or pair of jeans - yes I could tell right away it would be going home with me sooner if not later (I am so weak).

Yesterday morning I converted it into a SS (single-speed) - who needs all those gears? Such a waste to shift so much... The conversion took about 20 minutes with a coffee break in the middle. I also put on some of my more favorite components I had convienently laying around. After that a real ride was done on snowy trails out at Hells Gate State Park. I found the ride of this bike to be like no other hardtail bike I've ever known...forgiving. The steel frame provides a super good that I was wondering why I ever rode also had me thinking that my aluminium bikes were now totally useless and obsolete. Let's just say that I am having serious thoughts of selling my Fisher Rig SS and my older Fisher Supercal 29er (both Aluminium butt sores). I just hope that I never have the opportunity to ride titanium bike...I've heard they ride better than steel...


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monk3y mike wellborn said...

Preaching to the choir.... But if you really want to live the pimp life, get a Niner SIR-9. I sold my Custom Curtlo True Temper OX SS 29er frame after I had the Niner for a few months. Unbelievable ride....

But titanium.... mmmmm.....

My friend Sam has a Desalvo 29er SS that is too cool for school. He said if he dies I get it (heh-heh!)

Have a good weekend man!

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